FireRay Beam Detector-3000 - Infrared Beam Smoke Detector

Fire Projects has experties of installing FireRay Beam Detector-3000, which is end to end infrared Optical Beam Smoke Detector has been designed using the latest optical technology, incorporating modern industrial, electronic and software techniques.

The FireRay 3000 is ideal for applications where line of sight for the IR (infra-red) detection path is narrow and where the building structure uses reflective surfaces. It has also been designed to be aesthetically pleasing and thus can equally suit modern architectural buildings as well as heritage sites, particularly where ornate ceilings exist. This detector offers cost effective protection of large, open area spaces with high ceilings. It is also very suited to applications where access to ceiling mounted smoke detectors presents practical difficulties.


Fire Projects supply Fireray 3000 comprises a modern looking transmitter head, which emits a narrow beam of infra-read light to an associated receiver head, with a compact low level controller. Once smoke crosses through and thus obscures the IR beam path, the signal strength at the receiver drops below a present level which in trun results in an alarm condition. Both the detector heads, Transmitter and Receiver, have integrated alignment thumbwheels for ease of alignment. Using these thumbwheels provides a smooth and repeatable alignment process. The detector heads have up to 10 degrees of adjustment in both planes. Fire Projects does further adjustment with bespoke Adjustment Bracket, which offers up to 180 degrees movement in both planes, as well as a full 360-degree rotation.
The Fireray 3000 has been designed so that it can be installed by one operator, with its laser assisted alignment method combined with easy to use alignment LED’s offering visual feedback. Integrated laser alignment aid can be activated at the Controller or at the Receiver head. The Fireray 3000 also has a feature which allows for the Transmitter to be powered from the Controller by wiring directly, thus reducing the number of power supplies required. The low level Controller incorporates a LCD display, which offers a full icon-based, easy-to-use interface unit. This Controller enables ease of commissioning, testing and maintenance of the beam detection system. During commissioning the detector’s fire sensitivity thresholds can be selected, along with the user variable time to fire and time to fault settings.
Select Fire Projects for new implementation of Fireray 3000 for advance level smoke detection and it is cost effective way for modern building, heritage sites with ornate ceiling. We support our clients from Designing up to Commissioning up to AMC. We also provide AMC–Annual Maintenance Contracts for all types of Fire & security Systems.