Morley-IAS Intelligent Photoelectric Duct Smoke Detector - DNRE

Fire Projects recommend the InnovairFlex™ Series are the only duct smoke detectors flexible enough to fit configurations from square to rectangular and everything in between. The InnovairFlex DNRE intelligent non-relay photoelectric duct smoke detector by Morley-IAS features a pivoting housing that fits both square and rectangular footprints capable of mounting to a round or rectangular duct.

These units sense smoke in the most challenging conditions, operating in airflow speeds of 1.5m/s to 20.3m/sec, temperatures of −20°C to 70°C, and a humidity range of 0 to 95 percent (non-condensing). An improved cover design of Morley-IAS intelligent duct detector isolates the sensor head from the low-flow feature for simple maintenance. A cover tamper feature was added to indicate a trouble signal for a removed or improperly installed sensor cover. The InnovairFlex housing provides a 20mm conduit knockout and ample space to facilitate easy wiring and mounting of relay module.
The InnovairFlex duct smoke detector can be customized to meet local codes and specifications without additional wiring. The new InnovairFlex product line is compatible with all previous Innovair models, including remote test accessories.
Fire Projects has expertise in design and implement, the air duct smoke detector shall be a System Sensor InnovairFlex™ DNRE Intelligent Non-Relay Photoelectric Duct Smoke Detector and DNREW Watertight NEMA4 Duct Smoke Detector. The detector housing shall be UL listed per UL 268A specifically for use in air handling systems. The flexible housing of the duct smoke detector fits both square and rectangular footprints. The detector shall operate at air velocities of 0.5 m/sec to 20.32 m/sec. The unit shall be capable of providing a trouble signal in the event that the sensor cover is removed or improperly installed. It shall be capable of local testing via magnetic switch or remote testing using the RTS151KEY remote test station. Terminal connections shall be of the strip and clamp method suitable for 2mm gauge wiring.
PLEASE REMEMBER DUCT SMOKE DETECTORS ARE NOT a substitute for an open area smoke detector, NOT a substitute for early warning detection, and NOT a replacement for a building’s regular fire detection system.