Morley IAS Addressable Detector Range

Fire Projects supply and install S200A Morley-IAS detector range, which delivering a totally new detector platform and incorporating an advance digital protocol. S200A incorporates major hardware and software technology driven developments

A completely new optical chamber design is proven in extensive testing to be more efficient, less liable to is proven in extensive testing to be more efficient, less liable to false alarm due to dust and insects and less susceptible to fault in high air velocities or back pressure. Extensive hydrodynamic modelling has confirmed the greater efficiency of the new chamber and housing shape combination. Large-scale integration of the all-new electronics, through the fully automated surface mount PCB assembly, coupled with in-line testing through the manufacturing process, laser PCB cutting along with a completely new compound of plastic offers improved quality and reliability.

All S200A detectors are environmentally friendly and meet the WEEE and RoHS legislative requirements, minimising end of life disposal costs, and are mechanically and electrically backwards compatible with existing devices. The family consists of six detection devices: three heat detectors (58° and 78° fixed temperature, and rate of rise), an optical smoke, a photo-thermal multi-sensor and a photo-thermal, infra-red multi-sensor. All six devices come with or without electrical short circuit isolation and the new Advanced Protocol. In addition to the new family of devices, a new installation base that makes the installation process far easier and quicker, replaces the previous versions.
Please refer below entire range of detectors supply, install, test and commissioned by Fire Projects:
MI-PSE-S2 & MI PSE-S2I – Photoelectric Smoke Detectors has a completely new detection chamber design, which delivers improved responsiveness, reduced sensitivity changes caused by settling dust and reduced false alarms resulting from ingress of insect and other debris. The plug-in unit uses sophisticated processing circuitry that incorporates smoothing filters to help eliminate transient environmental noise conditions that can be the cause of unwanted alarms. The devices are managed by embedded software running complex algorithms that further improve resilience to false alarms and improve detection speed. The MI-PSE-S2 has two integral red LEDs that provide 360° local visual indication of the device status.
MI-PTSE-S2 & MI-PTSE-S2I – Photoelectric Smoke / Thermal Multi-Criteria Fire Detectors uses thermal assistance to the core photoelectric smoke detector to give enhanced false alarm immunity and faster response to a wide range of incipient fires. The plug-in unit combines two separate sensing elements that are managed by embedded software to act as a single unit. The MI-PTSE-S2 conforms to EN54-7, a 58°C fixed temperature and rate of rise thermal assistance conforming to EN54-5. The thermal detection function combines thermistor technology with a software corrected linear temperature response. In areas where the normal daytime activities may potentially create unwanted alarms, the detector can be programmed to operate in a “heat only” mode, automatically reverting to full photo-thermal operation during unoccupied periods. The sensing elements of the MI-PTSE-S2 are panel controllable so the sensitivity thresholds of each element can be changed by the panel offering the ability to customise the device for the changing use of the area it is protecting. The detector has two integral red LEDs that provide 360° local visual indication of the device status.
MI-PTIR-S2 & MI-PTIR-S2I Photoelectric, Thermal & Infra-red Multi-Criteria Fire Detectors is the environmentally friendly alternative to the ionisation detector, a technology that is now over sixty years old. The MI-PTIR-S2 offers comparable speed of response to the ionisation technology for a fast flaming fire and is less susceptible to false alarms. It can be deployed with confidence in locations where the main risk is from fast-developing flaming fires. MI-PTIR-S2 moves the goal posts in the fight against false alarms by delivering enhanced false alarm immunity. In addition to being an effective alternative to ionisation units, MIPTIR- S2 offers better performance over the alternative technologies of dual angle or dual wavelength optical detectors and photo-thermal detectors. The integration of continual monitoring for all three major elements of a fire enables the MI-PTIR-S2 to respond far more quickly to an actual fire and has the highest immunity to nuisances. Based upon the sensor signals, the program dynamically changes sensor thresholds, sensor gain, time delays, combination, sampling rates, averaging rates and, if any sensor fails, changing sensitivity of the remaining sensors as well as indicating a fault condition. The detector has two integral red LEDs that provide 360° local visual indication of the device status.
MI-RHSE-S2, MI-FHSE-S2, MI-HTSE-S2 – Thermal Sensors are fixed temperature analogue addressable sensors employing low mass thermistors and microprocessor technology for fast response and linear temperature sensing. Their linear response allows these sensors to be used to signal temperatures over the range of 58°C (Class A1S) to 78°C (Class BS). The MI-RHSE-S2 uses the same thermistor and microprocessor technology to provide an alarm when the rate of rise in temperature exceeds 10°C/minute (typical) or if the temperature exceeds a threshold of 58°C (Response Class A1R). With the implementation of the advanced protocol, any model can be software configured to be either a fixed 58°C, a fixed 78°C unit or a 58°C with rate of rise device. For backwards compatibility and approval continuity, three separate versions continue to be available as separate part numbers. The detectors have two integral red LEDs that provide 360° local visual indication of the device status.
Select Fire Projects to design solution of fire alarm system using Morley-IAS Analogue Addressable Smoke, Thermal/Heat, Flame and Infra-red detector range by Honeywell. We support our clients from Designing up to Commissioning up to AMC. We also provide AMC–Annual Maintenance Contracts for all types of Fire & security Systems.