Bosch- Pleana 2 Zone Mixter 180W Amplifier

The PLENA all-in-one mixer amplifier is a versatile solution for public address, emergency announcements and back-ground-music (BGM) requirements. This high-performance device is easy to install and operate.

Typical applications of PLENA all-in-one 180W mixer amplifier include use in supermarkets, restaurants, schools, retail chains, canteens, places of worship, gymnasiums etc where BGM provides the right atmosphere, at the same time announcements can be made clearly and with ease.
The All-in-one amplifier is mixer amplifier with inbuilt music source.The All‑in‑one unit can provide hours of uninterrupted music from USB or SD flash memory.The unit also has a built in FM tuner with presets. To ensure for optimum performance, the All‑in‑one unit has no moving parts, such as hard drives that can fail or wear out. The unit is supplied with an IR remote control for controlling the music source.The unit can be rack mounted by using the brackets that can be procured seperately.