Securiton ASD 535 Aspirating Smoke Detection VESDA System

Fire Project has make several installation of SecuriRAS ASD 535 aspirating smoke detector, which is the new generation of highly sensitive, active smoke detection systems.

It offers application-specific sensitivity adjustment alongside pre-signalling and pollution analyses. The SecuriRAS ASD 535 detects even minuscule glowing and smouldering fires and can be deployed practically anywhere.
Typical applications include:
• Room surveillance
• High-rack warehouses and distribution centres
• Archive rooms
• Intermediate ceilings and raised floors
• Large halls
• Museums, galleries, theatres, cinemas
• Cultural artefact collections, historical buildings
• Airports
• Informatics and computer centres
• Telecommunication centres
• Laboratory and research centres
• Electronic measuring rooms
• Transformer rooms
• Clean rooms
• Refrigerated warehouses
• Property surveillance
• Telecommunication facilities
• High and low-voltage distribution cabinets
• Display cases
• IT installations
• CNC control systems
• Invisible applications
• Protection of cultural assets
• Prison cells
Select Fire Projects for new implementation of Securiton ASD – 535 aspirating smoke detection is most effective way for very early smoke detection application for small to medium size datacenter, UPS room, medical facilities, and telecommunication facilities. We support our clients from Designing up to Commissioning up to AMC. We also provide AMC–Annual Maintenance Contracts for all types of Fire & security Systems. If you required new installation or AMC of VESDA system, contact Fire Projects today!