System Sensor Intelligent FAAST 8251F VESDA System

Fire Projects recommend Intelligent FAAST 8251F aspirating smoke detector that combines dual source (blue LED and infrared laser) optical smoke detection with fire alarm control panel connectivity via CLIP mode to provide high sensitivity to fire with intelligent reporting capabilities; all while providing enhanced immunity to nuisance particulate.

As a result, FAAST can provide Early Warning and Very Early Warning Fire Detection while seamlessly integrating with an existing fire signalling circuit. 
Fire Project integrate intelligent FAAST detector  that can be wired to a new or pre-existing SLC for communications directly to a fire alarm control panel via CLIP mode without extra hardware. In CLIP mode, the 8251F FAAST will report back to the fire alarm control panel as an ACCLIMATE™ detector. By setting sensitivity levels in Pipe IQ equivalent to pre-alarm and alarm sensitivity settings in the panel, the fire alarm control panel will initiate pre-alarm (if pre-alarm exists in the panel) and alarm conditions based on feedback from the FAAST unit. Using CLIP, up to 99 units can populate one SLC. 
For initial system creation, FAAST’s design, configuration, and monitoring software, Pipe IQ, guides users through pipe layout. An installed device can be monitored through its integral display, from a computer connected to the device, or remotely through a web browser. When Internet-connected, FAAST can also e-mail status updates to appropriate personnel.
Select Fire Projects for new implementation of System Sensors – FAAST 8251 optical smoke detection is most effective way for very early smoke detection application for small to medium size datacenter, UPS room, medical facilities, and telecommunication facilities. We support our clients from Designing up to Commissioning up to AMC. We also provide AMC–Annual Maintenance Contracts for all types of Fire & security Systems. If you required new installation or AMC of VESDA system, contact Fire Projects today!